Dirty Messages you can send your man

Click on any of the following Sexy Text dirty messages and on “most” Newer Android phones and now even on IPhones it will open up in your SMS app already filled in.  If it doesn’t work on your phone then you can copy and paste the dirty messages into your SMS app.


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IPhone Dirty Messages

Dirty Messages You Can Send To Your Man – Android Phone Version: 

(Do NOT click these dirty messages links from a PC – They WILL NOT work!) Don’t forget to post your own dirty messages below!

*** You CAN edit these dirty messages as you like in your SMS app ***


1. In the morning, when I think about your hard manhood slipping into me, I can’t help but get really horny and wet


2. I wish I could chain your tongue around my hips


3. If you were here I would spread my legs apart and whisper for you to come warm me up


4. You don’t have a clue how great you make me feel when you give it to me from behind


5. Do you have the slightest idea how much you turn me on? The smell of your body alone makes me tremble


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6. I can’t stop thinking about last nights’ sex, the way you tasted not to mention the ways you made me feel like exploding


7. If you were here with me I’d slide one hand inside your pants grabbing your growing shaft while I steal a deep wet kiss


8. When you get home tonight I want you to undress me while I watch


9. Sweety, try not to think of how much you love the feel of my tongue wrapped around you while you’re away today


10. Can you guess the color of the underwear I am wearing?


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11. I’m watching porn thinking of you right now


12. I’m trying to sleep but the thought of you between my legs is keeping me awake


13. I’m in bed under the covers right now but this cold is too much, come warm me up?


14. I had a naughty dream last night and you were in it. You wanna know what you were doing to me?


15. I am lying in bed and very bored. Would you mind if we played a naughty game?



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16. What would you want me to do to you after our date tomorrow?


17. Whats the best place to get sex toys online?


18. My hands would be very busy if you were next to me right now


19. I bought new underwear; I know you’ll love them… When do you want me to show them to you?


20. I can’t wait to be with you tonight


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21. What’s the one thing about me that turns you on the most?


22. You are my sex machine


23. You taught me so much about making love – tonight I’ll show you how much I’ve learned


24. Don’t do too much in the gym, save your energy for tonight


25. I like the way you hold me with those powerful arms



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26. What about me and you naked in a hot tub?


27. I forgot to wear my bra and panties today


28. I’m trying a thong at the mall


29. I love your ass in that pair of tight jeans


30. If you bring the pole, I’ll pole dance for you


31. I had a very tiring day, I want a massage


32. I loved the kiss you gave me this morning… I hope you’ll be here tonight to finish what you started


33. I have no movies to watch tonight, who needs the TV anyway…guess what I’m thinking we could do?


34. Dinner is ready, but I’m sure you would rather have desert first


35. I want to play with my favorite toy tonight…what time will you be here?


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36. We don’t need a reason to get naked, we just need a place. Somewhere new?


37. In case you’re wondering…I like quickies too ;)


38. If I were there what would you do to me if there were no limits?


39. Is it just me or do you like doing me from behind?


40. I am touching myself right now…help me finish?


41. Talk dirty to me…I’m horny


42. Imagine me giving you a massage and then a hand job – tell me how much you’d love that


43. Which underwear would you like to see me in tonight?


44. I am so damn horny… I wish you were here


45. What would you say if I suggested we spend the whole Sunday in bed having sex?


46. I am in nothing but your t-shirt


47. What do you wish I did to you in bed more often?


48. Wanna have sex in public?


49. Do you remember the first night we had sex?


50. You have never told me what your favorite position is



51. Who’s your favorite porn star?


52. Did I make you horny last night when I sent you that dirty text?


53. I love your cock, perfectly sized for me


54. Breakfast in bed; how does that sound?


55. I am naked in front of the mirror and my body is calling for you


56. Will you lick my whole body tonight?


57. I am really missing you between my legs


58. I want you so bad


59. You taste so good


60. You can have me any way you want babe


61. I wanna rub my pussy all over your face


62. Your wish is my command


63. My pussy is wet just thinking about you… Don’t you wanna put your dick in there?


64. I’m thinking I wish you’d put your big fat baby maker inside me and screw my brains out right now



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    tonight I need you to use me and abuse me…tomorrow it’s my turn…any objections?

  2. Vicki1970
    May 20, 2014

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    I got a new outfit today…wonder what it will look like on the floor by your bed?

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